Here you will find all the needed information to start using your Satodime bearer crypto card.
From the executable files to the frequently asked questions, we will assist you for the best user experience.

Satodime - The bearer crypto card to store and exchange your Bitcoin.
Satodime - with chip card reader for desktop use.
Satodime app is available on the Apple store
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Satodime app is available on the Google Play store.
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Quick start guide


Download the client

Download the latest Satodime-Tool, the perfect companion app for your Satodime card.

Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS

Satodime project is open-source, check out our GitHub repository.

Tap or plug your card

Plug your Satodime in a card reader or tap it on your phone (NFC) and launch the Satodime-Tool.

Note regarding NFC: to interact with the card, you must place it on your NFC reader and hold it there throughout the operation.

For a quick start

To seal a new keyslot:

– Click on the “lock” (top right corner) (mobile-app only) or the “SEAL” button (desktop app only);
– Select the blockchain and coin type (token, NFT…);
– Seal the keyslot and enjoy.

For mobile use


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I pay at the grocery shop?2023-06-05T16:56:28+02:00

Your Satodime looks like a bank card but it’s not. You cannot use it to pay at the grocery.
But if the grocery store clerk accept #cryptocurrency, maybe you can give him/her a Satodime loaded with some #crypto.

Can I reuse a keyslot?2023-06-05T16:56:47+02:00

Yes you can! Unlike the competitor’s product, you can actually reuse your Satodime card indefinitely.
Just follow this process: SEAL – UNSEAL – RESET – …

Can I safely let my friend scan my card?2023-06-05T16:56:50+02:00

You can safely let another person scan the Satodime with its smartphone, e.g. to check the balance.
If you want to physically give a Satodime to another user, you have to initiate the “Transfer ownership” option in order to release the ownership.

Can I store data on it?2023-06-05T16:56:53+02:00

No, you can’t. But as you can provide part of the entropy used for the key generation, you can store a hidden text message.
This message will be revealed when the keyslot is unsealed, along with the private key and the chip-generated entropy.

Can I store my favorite NFT?2023-06-05T16:57:08+02:00

Yes, Satodime can handle your #NFT (#ERC721 and #XCP).
Sealing a keyslot for a NFT will give you extra information like the contract address, the token ID, the NFT description along with a preview.

Can I use it with my mobile phone?2023-06-05T16:56:59+02:00

Yes if your phone is equiped with a NFC reader!
The Satodime-Tool, the companion-app for your Satodime card is available on Android and iOS.
This application allows you to manage your card and easily set-up your crypto-vaults (aka keyslots).

Can somebody steal the content of my Satodime?2023-06-05T16:57:05+02:00

No, a Satodime is paired with a specific device on its first use.
Only the legitimate and physical owner can perform sensitive operations such as unsealing and revealing a private key.

For what purpose?2023-06-05T16:45:17+02:00

You can see it as a physical #crypto bill and exchange it for fiat, goods or services.
You can buy a #Tesla for a 1 #BTC pre-loaded Satodime.
The dealer does no need to trust you as the private key of the wallet is safely store within the secure chip.

You can see it as a way to physically gift #Bitcoin
Load some Satodime with various denominations of #Bitcoin and keep them in a safe for long term storage or to gift.
No need to care about a PIN code or a seedphrase. Seal it, load it and forget it.

How about the card authenticity?2023-06-05T16:44:41+02:00

It includes a cryptographic mechanism that allows you to check whether the card is an authentic Satodime or not.
The authentication mechanism is based on a unique digital certificate issued for each card and verified with a trusted PKI.

How do I get the funds out?2023-06-05T16:44:13+02:00

First, you have to unseal the corresponding keyslot to be able to export the private key (in plaintext or WIF format).
Import the private key using your favorite software wallet such Electrum or MyEtherWallet and you will see your funds into your personnal wallet.

How do I know the manufacturer doesn’t know the private key?2023-06-05T16:37:15+02:00

Address and key generation are done through a co-generated entropy. The user provides the first part while the rest is randomly generated by the chip.
It ensures the keys are not pre-generated during manufacturing.

How do I see the deposit address?2023-06-05T16:36:44+02:00

Using the desktop or mobile app, you can clearly see the deposit address for each keyslot. Using the “More info” button, you will be able to copy/past the address or display a QR-code.

What cryptocurrencies are supported?2023-06-05T16:35:40+02:00

The Satodime cards support the key generation for #Bitcoin, #Litecoin, #BitcoinCash, #Ethereum, the #ERC20 and #ERC721 (#NFT) tokens but also #CounterParty #XPC tokens.
Many more to come soon…

How many keyslots can I use?2023-06-05T16:34:52+02:00

You can use up to 3 keyslots at the same time. Meaning you can store up to 3 different #cryptocurrencies using a single Satodime card.

How to backup my card?2023-06-05T16:25:13+02:00

You can’t. Just like you can’t backup a 10$ bill. If you lose your card, you lose your funds.
If you are looking for a hardware wallet, with backup solution, check out our Satochip card.

How to check the keys generation randomness?2023-06-05T16:37:37+02:00

When the keyslot is unsealed, the entropy used to derive the private key is revealed, allowing to verify that the key was generated randomly as specified.

How to give the full card access?2023-06-05T16:22:05+02:00

To give a Satodime to another user, you have to initiate the “Transfer card” option in order to release the ownership.
Ownership status is only checked on the NFC interface, accessing the Satodime through a USB card reader always provides full access and ownership.

How to use it?2023-06-05T17:00:30+02:00

You can see your Satodime card as a crypto vault. You can have up to 3 keyslots. Each keyslot corresponds to a crypto wallet.
For each wallet, you have the public key and the address while the private key is sealed within the secure chip.

Is the private key unique and secret?2023-06-05T16:37:44+02:00

Yes of course! Address and key generation are done through a co-generated entropy. The user provides the first part while the rest is randomly generated by the chip.
It ensures the keys are not pre-generated during manufacturing.

Is there a password to access the card?2023-06-05T16:37:46+02:00

No, there is no password nor seedphrase. The physical holder of the card is the owner of the keys and can, at anytime, anywhere, unseal a specific keyslot.

Do I need a computer to use my Satodime card?2023-06-05T16:13:17+02:00

Your Satodime card is contact (chip) and contactless (NFC), you can use it with the Satodime-Tool software on your computer (#Windows/#Linux/#MacOS) or using our mobile app.
Satodime app (desktop or mobile) allows you to manage your card and easily set-up your crypto-vaults (aka keyslots).

What is a “KEYSLOT”?2023-06-05T16:11:20+02:00

A keyslot is a pair of generated keys. The chip generates a public key (your public address where you can deposit your tokens) and the corresponding private key (which will enable you to import your assets into your personal wallet).

What does “RESET” mean?2023-06-05T16:11:59+02:00

Resetting a keyslot means you ask the chip card to completly reset the vault. You will loose all the information attached to this keyslot, including the public and private key. Be sure to empty the wallet and backup these informations prior to reset.

What does “SEAL” mean?2023-06-05T16:11:52+02:00

Sealing a keyslot means you ask the chip card to randomly generate a pair of key for the selected blockchain and hide the private key within the chip’s secured memory.

What does “UNSEAL” mean?2023-06-05T16:11:56+02:00

Unsealing a keyslot means you ask the chip card to unveil the private key from its secure memory and display it in app.

What is all about!?2023-06-05T16:07:35+02:00

Satodime is a product made by Satochip.
Based on a smart card, it can be used to safely generate crypto vaults while private keys remain sealed in the secure chip.
It’s called a bearer crypto card.

What is the expected lifetime of the device?2023-06-05T16:05:01+02:00

Like most electronic devices, if stored properly, it should last decades.
But if you are looking to a long-term cold storage for your crypto-currencies, we recommend you to use our hardware wallet: Satochip.


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